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Assign specific nextgen gallery to specific custom post type post WordPress



I have problem figuring out how to carry out this requirement:

I have a custom post type "reno firm reviews". For each of the post under this type, I will be assigning a nextgen gallery ID.

When say a visitor browse to this single post, and review about the job experience and decide to share his photo to this gallery "attached" with this post.

When he upload his photo, the photo should automatically go to this gallery ID that is assigned to this post.

I tried the nextgen public uploader, but that actually only upload to a universal gallery that is not unique to each post.

I cannot find any plugin that can carry out this kind of function.

Anyone can suggest? I am open to suggestion, am willing to increase prize money, or custom job. please help

Answers (2)


Arnav Joy answers:

can you show me the url or provide me access to see what is happening ?


Plugarized answers:

The following one seems to have all the features you need.

<blockquote><strong>User Submitted Posts</strong> lets your visitors submit posts and images from anywhere on your site and from anywhere on the page. User-submitted posts optionally include tags, categories, post title, and author name & URL. Submitted-post status can be set to draft, publish immediately, or publish after some number of approved posts. User Submitted Posts (USP) also handles multiple image uploads, custom URL redirects, and much more. And the easy USP Settings Page makes setting up and fine-tuning a breeze.

<strong>Let your visitors submit content</strong>

User Submitted Posts makes it easy to display a public post-submission form virtually anywhere on your site. Use the USP shortcode to display the submission form in any post or page, or use the USP template tag to include the form anywhere in your theme design. Visitors may then use the form to submit posts to your site. Depending on your preferences, user-submitted posts may include the following input fields:

Author Name
Author URL
Post Title
Post Tags
Post Category
Post Content
Image upload(s)

Using the Settings Page, you choose which fields to display, min/max number of images, min/max image size, redirect location, error messages and more. User Submitted Posts makes it easy to setup just about any type of user-submitted functionality for your WordPress-powered site.</blockquote>