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Assign WC Subscription Package to Specific Role at Signup WordPress


Hello there,

I have several WC subscription packages and would like to have one of them as default subscription assigned to a specific user role.

Plugins used:

- WooCommerce
- WooCommerce Subscriptions

Answers (2)


Arnav Joy answers:

can you please explain more about your requirement ?

rbeach comments:

Yes Arnav.

I have several WooCommerce products (subscriptions). I want to automatically create an WC order with a particular product (basic subscription) everytime a user with the role of "SepecificRole" registers to the site.

Does that make sense?

The objective is to give new users a default basic subscription which they can upgrade later but never downgrade from.


Arnav Joy comments:

yes it is much clear , but to make it work I will have to see your site and also how subscription is created ..
so can you add me on skype :

and then we can chat.

rbeach comments:

I have added you

Arnav Joy comments:

I accepted it.


Woo Gang answers:

Can you try using woocomemrce groups plugin. It will give you more control over user roles with woocommerce subscriptions