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All-in-One Event Calendar custom post types problem WordPress


Currently trying to use All-in-One Event Calendar.
Everything works great except events details page.
Apparently this is a common issue as the devs have explained about here:

Event details on the event detail view show up in the header, body, footer and any other separate element. (see pic)

It appears that there is a conflict with the theme and how it shows custom content types.
I have the easy custom content types plug in, so it shouldn't be a problem to sort.
However, due to my noob skill level and lack of time, it would be great to get this sorted before the site goes live in a few days.


Jed ^^

Answers (2)


Plugarized answers:

Ive installed and used the plugin before and styled it, pm me details i can help


Arnav Joy answers:

can you explain what is the problem?