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Advanced Woocommerce Serach WordPress


** I will increase the bid amount to $30 if anyone has a solution.

I need to create a advanced search page for woocommerce products. The search page should have the functionality like this

I have attached the description on image plz must check the images before apply :

Codes that has been used to create custom fields:

Apply only of your familiar with woocommerce coding and mention the hours you will need for it.

I have this plugin and currently it has the cat/tags/attributes and only need to extend to custom fileds if you want to use it. See it here in action:

Thanks !

Answers (1)


John Cotton answers:

Hi Jihan

Would you be willing to put the prize up to $100?

If so, I can code you a shortcode (so that you can use it anywhere on your site) that would take a list of fields and labels (so that you can further customize if you ever add other custom fields) with the option for singe and multi select lists use custom field values or taxonomies in a standard search template (so that you can manage the result set layout as you wish).

Let me know if you're interested.



Jihan Ahmed comments:

Thanks .. and I know you are good developer. But its a part of my project and I can not make it $100 due to budget limitation but I can make it $50 for sure. Reminding again the final output should be like this

John Cotton comments:

Presumably you know how to make that page as a form (with all it's various components)?

If so, why don't you do that bit and I'll tell you how to manage the $_POST results in the search?

Jihan Ahmed comments:

I wanted a solution in wordpress woocommerce way ... also I am not good with php and I mess... however, If you see this plugin the queries are written in very easy ... I guess you can add the custom fields queries here ...

Attached is the plugin file