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Adding another language to my site via a new url WordPress

Hi, I have my site in English ( which will be my main domain.

I want to add a french office and I have the domain (

All pages will be translated by myself.

Ideally I want to have 1 wordpress admin which will control the 2 sites, is this possible?

I understand I can have , but I would like use the domain I have.

Do I need to make 2 worpress sites? If I make 2 sites is this bad for SEO (duplicate content) even if the content is in a different language?


Answers (3)


Remy answers:

You can do that by activating WordPress multisites and installing a domain mapping plugin. It's free but a little technical.

There is also the WPML plugin you can use, it's a premium plugin and quite heavy, but works well.

And for SEO, it won't be duplicate content since it's 2 different languages.

Ross Gosling comments:

Thank you Remy, can you link me to these plugins?

Remy comments:

[[LINK href=""]]WPML[[/LINK]]

[[LINK href=""]]Domain Mapping[[/LINK]]

WordPress multisite is a core functionality, more info in the codex [[LINK href=""]]here[[/LINK]]


Arnav Joy answers:

you can also use this plugin


Rowela Alzona answers:

Best plugin I ever used for multiple language is