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Add alternating dynamic graphics WordPress

Is there a graphics plugin that will randomly alternate graphic ads each time a user clicks through the site? Is there a plugin for a graphic sidebar? I would like to replace the sidebar links entirely on most pages with graphic ads that alternate on-click. Ideally this will also be accessible from the back-end so that new ads can be added as sponsors change.

Answers (6)


John Cotton answers:

If you search the [[LINK href=""]]plugin repository[[/LINK]] you'll find lots.

I've used [[LINK href=""]]AdRotate[[/LINK]] for some time now and always found it very flexible and reliable.


Arnav Joy answers:

check this plugin


Daniel Yoen answers:

try this plugin :


Jatin Soni answers:

You need to create plugin. I can create a plugin for you with ability to manage from back end. But before go with that want to know that either you want to change image on click? and or randomly? I understood your idea but not completely clear yet.


Francisco Javier Carazo Gil answers:

AdRotate is the best, this is also another option but more difficult to use:


Vincent King answers: -Try This!