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Add a paragraph to this theme template. WordPress


I need this done quickly. I need to add a paragraph on a portfolio template. This paragraph applies only to the homepage and is not needed anywhere else. Hence maybe an option on the page template to indicate.

The page design in question is

I want to have the ability to add a paragraph under the navigation or to the left or right side of the page for my homepage. I am open to suggestions. Since the page design layout is responsive, we may have to think of a better way to place the paragraph.

Thank you!

Answers (7)


Kyle answers:

Can you post the entire code for the template used for your home page?


Jens Filipsson answers:

If you need to add it only on the homepage, then use this code and you should be fine:

<?php if (is_home() ) { ?>
// Whatever you want to put in here
<?php } ?>


Dan | gteh answers:

In line with that Jens said, I would suggest

<?php if (is_front_page() ) { ?>

<p> put your paragraph of text here </p>
<?php } ?>

kelvinlefab comments:

I will admit, I am a novice and have no idea how.

Dan | gteh comments:

Can you post the entire contents of your index.php page so we can see it?

Dan | gteh comments:

Maybe header.php too since you want to place the paragraph below the nav menu.


Gabriel Reguly answers:

Hi kelvinlefab,

Could you please post the contents for the file wp-content/themes/qamar/template-portfolio.php?

I suspect that is the file you will need to edit.

The correct approach is to copy that file into a child theme and then do the modification you want.


Gabriel Reguly comments:

Hi kevinlefab,

Do you still need help?



Arnav Joy answers:

can you show a mockup , how you want it?


Abdelhadi Touil answers:

I think we must have a look at your theme code, so if you can send it to me via email, I can make changes for you and resend it to you.
Good luck.


idt answers:

Yeah, this is better with a theme option where you can add the paragraph when you want. The dirty way is editing the main page template every time you want to change the "paragraph".

If you want that theme Admin option done, please PM me.