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Add a Donate to Author button on posts? WordPress

We run a website that reviews albums for independent musicians and im looking for a way to add a button or widget or something to the bottom of reviews that says something like If you liked this review, buy the author a beer. Or something similar to that of course.

If there is a plugin that already exists that will do this im ok with it or if something needs to be modified to make this happen im ok with it also.

Here is a review on our site -

Im willing to listen to quotes from people if custom work needs to be done as well.

Edit: I would rather this be something that is automatically on the bottom of each post rather than having to insert a shortcode in each post.

Answers (5)


Kyle answers:

Paypal is pretty much the gold standard for quick & easy donations. This plugin allows you to place a button by simply inserting a shortcode, pretty easy

[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

Kyle comments:

I could add this shortcode/function into any loops you like so that the button is displayed next to the author info of all posts in that loop if that's what you are looking for


Gabriel Reguly answers:

Hi hermy65,

I guess you could add a field at the author's profile which would be the PayPal Account.

Then enhance the that ktrusak has suggested.

If you could afford a prize like $50.00, I am willing to do it for you.



Arnav Joy answers:

please check these two plugins:-


phppoet answers:

you can use my own two plugins .

both plugins have options to put text as per your choice before paypal button . first plugin will allow you to choose the location where you want to display it like on posts , pages or post and pages both

phppoet comments:

where you want to display paypal author button ? if you want it on post or pages then my two plugin can do this job easily

but if you want it on reviews page then someone needs to to modify reviews page shortcode function . I m willing to do this job for $50 . pm me if you are interested.


Rowela Alzona answers:

If I am not mistaken.
Go to your paypal and get the donate script button. And try adding it to your single.php page under the line
"<?php the_content(); ?>"
It will then apply to all posts pages.

But give it a try.