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Ad Rotate Plugin WordPress


Can someone walk me through the install?

Answers (4)


Asad Iqbal answers:

I can help you. Please give me the link of the plugin which you want to install.


little D comments:

Asad Iqbal comments:

Lets try the following steps:

1. Go to the dashboard of your WordPress setup.
2. Access the "plugins" section in the left hand menu and click "add new".
3. Search for "AdRotate" and pick the plugin created by "Arnan de Gans" which should be listed as one of the first results.
4. Click "Install now" and if prompted activate the plugin.

Let me know if it works or not. There have another method too. If you feel uncomfortable or unfamiliar with installation then mail me the admin login details.

little D comments:

I am sorry. I zipped the file and added the full component. There is no option to select the "Arnan de Gans" version when you do it that way.

Will I be able to replace my sidebar content with this plugin if that is where I want it to go?

little D comments:

Nevermind. That was entirely straightforward.

little D comments:

Installed and Activated. I do not see anything in the sidebar.

Asad Iqbal comments:

Please take a look to "Available Widget" section for the widget. Can you please give me the link of your site?

little D comments:

I have activated the Plugin and added the widget to the sidebar. Nothing is there and I don't see a way to "add" ads.

Asad Iqbal comments:

Did you create any advertisement yet?

little D comments:

sorry. adrotate was not immediately visible. when it updated, i was able to access the ad management. i am adding an ad now.

Asad Iqbal comments:

Please read the following instructions carefully one-by-one:

For Creating Advertisements:

How to implement adverts on your website:

Creating groups:

Creating blocks:

The weight system:

If you've any confusion then please let me know.

Asad Iqbal comments:

It seems you can't configure the plugin yet. In this case I can help you, please send me worpdress access info.

little D comments:

Very sorry for the delay, we had to make a theme change. I've got adrotate installed and set to the sidebar. I've attempted to add the first ad and I'm not so sure I've done this correctly.


Arnav Joy answers:

I have used this plugin in one of my projects , see

i can help you installing this , let me know if no other solution worked.


Manoj Raj answers:

After installing the plugin, do you have the "Adrotate" widget available in the "Available Widgets" section? Drag and drop it to the "Main Sidebar"... Give a title for the Widget and the Ad details...


Agus Setiawan answers:

Adrotate is good plugin for rotating ads.

with your permission, give me an access to your dashboard, i'll do this for you.