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Account problem, Why Lawrence ignore my messages?? WordPress


Hi Everyone,

Sorry for opening this questions, but I really need to get Lawrence fix my account problem!
I have problem with my account and I've been contact (email/pm and twitter) both Lawrence and Misty (wpquestions support) many times since may.

Misty acknowledge this issue and has forward this problem to Lawrence, but until this time I got no response,
I thought Lawrence must be busy and I'll wait until He reply my email,
then [[LINK href=""]]Remy[[/LINK]] opened a questions about his [[LINK href=""]]wpquestion account withdraw problem[[/LINK]],
He got replied from Lawrence so I sent another message to lawrence regarding my issue, but still until now I got no response.
It's pretty frustrating to see my hard earn $$ in the void like this without knowing what's the problem, he didn't response all my messages.

Why this happen only to me?
Maybe He didn't received my message or all my messages go to his spam folder?
I tried to contact Gabriel and have him sent my message in case it get caught to spam folder but still no response.
Anyone know another way to contact Lawrence?
I felt like I've been ignored for months.

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John Cotton answers:

Hi Christianto

I've sent a few messages to Lawrence of the past few months (nothing urgent like yours) and I've not heard back either.

My guess is that he's working on another project.


Christianto comments:

Hi John,
Thanks for your comment

I don't mind if he don't have time to fix the issue soon because of important project, at least he reply my message to stated this.
He has time for update his blog ( and replied Remy message regarding his paypal problem.
As soon as Remy got replied from Lawrence, I send my message to him again so I think he should got it and respond my message too. But I didn't got any response.


Arnav Joy answers:

Hi Christianto ,

I have same problem , sent messages in past but not got any response.


Gabriel Reguly answers:

Hi Chris,

Sorry to hear you still have the issue.

Hopefully this question will help to get it solved.


Christianto comments:

Hi Gabriel,
Thanks for your comment and help
We hope that it will be solved soon, as other user also has similar problem too.


Dbranes answers:

Hi @Christianto

I hope you get this resolved soon.

I noticed recently that I can't update my profile, I wonder if that's related to this problem you described?

I also know that @Bob can't vote, but he should be able to do that.

Can you update your profile and vote?

Best regards

Christianto comments:

Hi Dbranes,

Yes, exactly I couldn't update my profile, when did you notice it?
Misty (wpquestions support) also tried it from her backend but it didn't work either.

hope Lawrence will notice this problem even though he couldn't fix it soon,
I mean, just to let people know that he is healthy and still maintaining the site,
I'm afraid he is not in good condition..

Dbranes comments:

I wonder if this is a global problem, i.e. the profile updates for all users is disabled?

I just noticed this few weeks ago, but I think I this might be much older problem.

It would be nice to have some official response.

It would be sad to see this site go down and with it all the great questions/answers provided by hundreds of users.


Bob answers:

I also didn't get any reply from Lawrence. I am still not able to vote on any question. :(


Romel Apuya answers:

i think his busy with a different project..
and letting the site run in auto pilot.
regarding the money you withdraw i tried and tried and was able to withdraw 30USD.

Romel Apuya comments:

also you can try withdrawing from denominations 1,5,10,15