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A few edits to a custom plugin WordPress


Hi, I have purchased a plugin that allows me to integrate livedrive with wordpress.

The plugin works very well, however I have identified a few things that I would like to tweak with the plugin, and I believe these edits would be edits relating to the functionality of wordpress rather than the livedrive functionality.

Below are the points that I would like fixed:

1. When a customer attempts to signup, if the payment fails for any reason, their e-mail address is used to create a ‘subscriber’ user in wordpress. This means that if they attempt payment again then it will say ‘e-mail address is already in use.’ We need to stop the ‘subscriber’ account being created each time so that failed user payments may try again and again. Also subscribers can access a simple /wp-admin/ page which I do not like.

At present if the paypal payment fails then the e-mail address that was used to try and create that account can not be used again (this is not ideal) Only successful payments that are sent back from paypal should create a user as it does at the moment.

2. There is an e-mail template section within the plugin (This sends order successful e-mails etc)
It uses the wordpress WYSIWYG editor. This all works well, however I need a way to be able to test send these e-mails once I have made edits to the HTML design, so I need a button that says "Test this e-mail" and ideally an e-mail field that I could specify the e-mail address to test send to.
(see attached screenshot)

3. Any e-mails that are used for signup should be automatically copied to my list on mailchimp. Whether successful payment has been taken or not.

4. I have one menu at the top of my site, I would like to add 3/4 additional menus in the footer, I have made the widget spaces for these, however when I create a second menu in the wp-admin the latest menu created also shows in the header menu space. I've been told by the theme author that I need to do the following, however I could not get it working...

To do this, open functions.php and find the register_nav_menus function and replace that whole function with the below code. Just make sure the function now looks like this:
register_nav_menus( array( 'primary' => __( 'Primary Navigation', '' ), 'secondary' => __('Secondary Navigation', '') ) );

You can see the website here: djbackup . com

If you visit the signup page and enter details you will be redirected to paypal page, if you then close this window and go back to the signup page and try again with same e-mail you will see the problem I am having with point 1.

The site is not finished yet and I am working on the design at the moment.

I am looking for someone to complete the work if I supply FTP/Admin details, I would require the work to be done within a day or two. If you think the question require more money please discuss.

Thank You

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Arnav Joy answers:

Hi Ross ,

I can help you with this please send me pm


Sébastien | French WordpressDesigner answers:

is the problem solved ?