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Written in response to Events posts divided into taxonomy term loops:

Thanks Arnav,

I can already see a few problems with the code. For starters, as I've written in the question, the 4 posts displayed by each term need to be spilt up into 2 parts, as they will be divided up into separate sections of code. Also, the loop itself needs to be able to add html code within in. Therefore...
the_(); the_title(); endwhile; endif; }

will not really work I don't think.

Once again, here is the carousel I intend to use:

And here is the specific code that I need to adapt into the loop for each block on the carousel:

<div class="ca-item ca-item-1">
<div class="ca-item-main">
<div class="ca-icon"></div>
<h3>Stop factory farming</h3>
<span class="ca-quote">“</span>
<span>Some text...</span>
<a href="#" class="ca-more">more...</a>
<div class="ca-content-wrapper">
<div class="ca-content">
<h6>Animals are not commodities</h6>
<a href="#" class="ca-close">close</a>
<div class="ca-content-text">
<p>Some more text...</p>
<li><a href="#">Read more</a></li>
<li><a href="#">Share this</a></li>
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