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Ellah Alzona

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A proud Filipina Web designer / Developer. Committedly fond of creative designs; Has a huge crush to HTML5 + CSS3 + JQUERY +  Responsive Design / Mobile Adaptation; In love with CMS & Wordpress since 2009.


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Email: rowela.alzona@gmail.com

Skype: wela1001

Mobile: +971528405044

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Written in response to something Abdelhadi Touil wrote.

Again I am really sorry I was worried but yet relieved after reading your mail. :)
I emailed the wpQuestion team for this matter.
I hope there is a way to revert my vote.

Thank you for understanding.
P.S. sorry again.


Written in response to something Abdelhadi Touil wrote.

I was supposed to HIT UPVOTE when I was so sleepy i did not noticed the check box is pointing to downvote.

I am so embarassed right now how can I revert my vote?

is there anyway I can edit my vote?

I am really sorry.


Abdelhadi Touil had responses to this.

Written in response to something Lawrence Krubner wrote.

Thank you Lawrence, I appreciate you for answering me. I get lost sometimes but thank you again. :)


Written in response to something beauvoirarms wrote.

Shouldnt i be rewarded for answering, the question has expired now. Whats next step here..?


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Written in response to something beauvoirarms wrote.


hi ! thank you. i changed everything as you said and look fine in website. date also ok. but in the mail it shows the bellow message..

Message Body:

but it supposed to be....

Date and time: 01/24/2013, 8.00
Number of persons: 6
Name: farhana baten
Phone: 07951021707
Email: heeena777@yahoo.com
Message: aaaaaaaaa

please help. thank you.

Hi again, sorry I am lost in emails that i am receiving because of the time difference we have :)
by the way kindly check this screenshot http://www.ellahworks.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/4.jpg

and refer to the MESSAGE BODY wherein that will be the format that you will receive in your email.
But anyhow here is the revised format that you liked above :

Just go back to the dashboard>contact>edit then paste this code in your BODY MESSAGE on the right:

Requested Date: [requested-date], [requested-time]

Number of person: [number-of-person]

Your Name [your-name]

Your Email [your-email]

Your Telephone [your-telephone]

Your Message [your-message]


This mail is sent via contact form on BEAUVOIR ARMS http://www.beauvoirs.com"

Let me know if this is better now:


Glad to help you.

In case of any problems send me a mail:

email: rowela.alzona@gmail.com
skype: wela1001


Written in response to something beauvoirarms wrote.

Hello :)

Go back to you dashboard>Contact>

and change this code :

[select* requested-time "8:00" "9:00" "10:00" "11:00" "12:00" "13:00" "14:00" "15:00" "16:00" "Not Specified"]


[text* requested-time]


[select number-of-person class:persons name:persons "1" "2" "3" "4" "5" "6" "More" ]


[text* number-of-person class:persons name:persons ]

And NO NEED to change something from MESSAGE BODY under the contactform setup page, let me know your concerns.


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