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Jatin Soni



I am working as a full time Web/Wordpress developer and graphic designer. Apart from web I alwo work on 3d graphics, motion graphics, video editing and independent filmmaking. I have an experience more than 9 years to work for overseas clients from USA, UK, Germany, Australia and India.

Feel free to contact me for web, graphics, 3d, video and film related works on jatin@pixelngrain.com

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Written in response to something Michael Caputo wrote.

Can you please send me ur site url so I can investigate in little detail.


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Written in response to something Lawrence Krubner wrote.

As I say the voting system is nice now and no such issue apart form such cases. So need to think how to avoid such cases with more strong voting system. Need to think and get back to you as soon as I get any suggestion.

By the way you all can call me Jatin only :)


Written in response to something Lawrence Krubner wrote.

Yes existing voting system is nice but there are still few lacking features which makes more transparency than now. The system is now pretty simple and transparent apart from such case like just happened.

However, May be we should do some brainstorming for this.


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Written in response to something Hai Bui wrote.

I agree with you that some system should be there for voting to the right expert. I also faced same issue many time where asker overlook my answer which was 100% correct and another got benefit. I am also looking for better voting system in future. But what I prefer or suggest instead of jumping into controversy we should discuses and help to find some better solution.


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Written in response to something Gabriel Reguly wrote.

This is not because my name just pops up in this but let me clear one more thing. That is also possible some time that when one expert is posting them answer other expert writing that time. Where they are trying to write an answer in proper way to make answer more easy to understand and valuable and naturally that takes little time. So that doesn't mean always that who posted answer that expert copied someones answers content.

Even the question what we are talking now that was very basic question and was having simple css issue just need to make it in proper way so who asked can understand properly. That is what I do when I submit my answer, I always try to make it more informative rather than just posting only code and run for the next question.

Even reputation is more important than few bucks :)


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