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Connie Taylor

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Written in response to Placeholder text on any form:

Thank you all for your help. I decided to go with Martin's solution as I felt using the label's wouldn't interfere with the the masking script they had on the phone number field.

As usual you guys are wonderful here.


Written in response to Custom fields:

Custom fields needed. - Please note that I do need a default image and text content if the fields are not populated. I cannot test plugin after plugin until I find one that offers that feature. That is why I'm posting here - to avoid all that testing and experimenting time. So please if you just refer me to a plugin link - let me know if this is a feature of that plugin.


Written in response to something idt wrote.

Hi, I'm sorry if I wasn't clear.

When the menu/sidebar isn't showing the content area floats left. I would like to add an if/else statement so that if a page has no menu showing echo a different div tag for the "container" area. So that I can make it wider and fill in the page. I hope that makes it clear.


Written in response to rush simple template:

Hi, in reference to my job post - I really need to see that you can do the work. fast work and clean well formatted and well commented code will get you future work with me. I am a designer first and foremost but got into wp templates at the request of several clients. personally I don't like doing them so am happy to share the work and I have regular clients that bring me a lot of jobs.


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