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full time wordpress developer . Author of 5 wordpress plugin and have good knowledge of wordpress .


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i have suggested $10 price for this question http://wpquestions.com/question/showChronoLoggedIn/id/8992 but after clicking submit button its showing that i suggested $0 for this . I think there is bug with it . I entered $10 in input box .i think i should have entered only 10



Written in response to Sounds like a bit of custom code is required -you need is too specialised to be ...:

I have down voted john caton by mistake . There is no option here to undo those voting .

My appologies to john caton .



Written in response to something phppoet wrote.

I m mentioning the steps i taken .

i created file under my theme directory called new-post.php with this code http://pastebin.com/87sKZfyd .

Then i added a page with custom template new user post .

then i added three capabilities (Upload files,Edit published pages,Edit others pages ) for subscribers using the plugin i mentioned .

and then i checked page and added media using subscriber account and now subscribers can upload media files .


Written in response to Frontend Media Upload not working for non-admins:

well i have created custom post type under my theme and put your frontend posting form in it . and then added capibilities to subscriber using the plugin i mentioned . and it has worked for me .


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