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Written in response to something Lawrence Krubner wrote.

good idea ;-)

ps: I have noticed that the netvotes (on the user profile pages) are off by +1 or -1 for some users, i.e. if we use this definition:

Netvotes of all time (upvotes minus downvotes):

Here are some examples:


13 upvotes - 6 downvotes = 7 netvotes (but reports 6 netvotes)



6 upvotes - 0 downvotes = 6 netvotes (but reports 5 netvotes)


1 upvotes - 0 downvotes = 1 netvote (but reports 2 netvotes)


... or maybe I'm just misunderstanding the netvotes ;-)


Updated: 02/02/13 1:45pm

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