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Althea Motimer is a web marketing professional for Holidays Wings. She is an avid traveler who wanted to experience new things in life through going to places she has never been with. She enjoys the excitement of sports activities, as well as the adventure that she finds in the new places she visits. Althea became very interested to travel at the age her parents allows her to go with them for business travel. From her travel experiences, she learned to appreciate different cultures and living out of your comfort zone. Althea graduated with a degree in Information Technology in the year 2012. More to her being a travel enthusiast, she is also a geek who loves browsing the web and immersing herself in the virtual community.

What is Holidays Wings?

Holidays Wings is a travel planning company where people around the world can book their holiday packages through the company's online page. Holidays Wings intends to provide their clients satisfying travel experiences with their differentiated customer service.

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