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Naveen Chand


Dear Site Admin(s),

This is not a discourse about WordPress. Rather a small little list of issues I am facing with wpquestions. You've built a very good system and your approach to wp-related questions is awesome. However, these are some of the issues I am facing which you may want to fix:

First, I am unable to withdraw my funds these days. I don't know why. I have withdrawn atleast twice or thrice previously without any issues. But now when I enter the amount and click withdraw, the browser simply goes to a Server Error page in Google Chrome or to a blank page on my android. Can the site administrator kindly attend to this issue please?

Second, whenever I face an issue in using wpquestions site, I click on Contact link that appears on the top navigation and then type my query. I might have submitted atleast 2-3 queries using this procedure. Till date, I have not received any response from the Site Administrators. This is one of the reasons why I am using discourse form to reach out to admins. Can you please check if the contact form is functional indeed? If yes, then a line in reply to queries by users will be of great help.

Third, the login system needs some fine tuning. I am asked to login many a times in a span of say 5 minutes. Also, I have to re-login even if I open a link in a new tab of the same browser.

Fourth, I am not receiving email notifications for newly asked questions. I used to get notifications earlier. But these days I do not get them.

Thanks. Hope to hear some response from site admins and any comments from other users.


Updated: 01/20/13 4:23am

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