We have finished migration to the new data center successfully and are working out some minor issues within the site's code. If you experience any difficulties or have any questions please email us at [email protected].
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Lawrence Krubner

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Written in response to something Naveen Chand wrote.

Naveen Chand,

Thank you for writing. I should have posted about this before. We moved to a new server last Sunday, and we have run into a set of bugs that we have been trying to fix all week.

Previously, for over a year, we were on the Rackspace Cloud (which used to be Slicehost before it was acquired). The cloud, in general, is a great low cost way for a website like ours to get started, but we are ambitious about growing this year and we decided we needed to get a large dedicated server. We will soon be rolling out live chat, so askers and experts can talk in real time, and we need a machine that can offer us a lot of RAM to support that.

Thank you for pointing out that the contact form is broken. The mail should go to [email protected], but we used an automated system to copy over the mail accounts (from the old server to the new server) and we just realized tonight that for some reason the "support" inbox was never recreated on the new system.

There were a few other bugs:

* the list of active questions stopped updating (I just fixed this)

* the status of some top experts was not being recorded (I am working on this now)

* the login system needs to be fixed -- I would like to over a single username/password for all of the sites that we launch. We hope to get to this over the next few weeks. It will be especially important when offer live chat.

* not receiving email notifications for newly asked questions -- I will have this fixed in an hour

* Paypal -- I just logged into PayPal and manually sent you the money that was in your WPQuestions balance. I am not sure why PayPal is throwing errors. I've asked PayPal support about this, and I am waiting on their answer.

All of us, (Misty and Chris Clarke and I) be working tonight and tomorrow to find and fix any other bugs that may have been introduced by the move to the new server.

--- lawrence


Updated: 01/20/13 5:44am

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