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Open-Source Partnerships

To be good citizens of the open source communities we belong to, we offer to donate 25% of our profits to developers whenever we get questions marked with the custom tags related to their projects (plugins, themes, software). Register for Partnership»


    YOURLS is an open-source self-hosted URL shortener. It has stats, a plugin API, a neat Ajax interface. Think bitly, except with more features and where you have control over the data.

    YOURLS ozh url shortener

  • Geo Mashup

    This plugin lets you save location information with posts, pages, and other WordPress objects. These objects can then be presented on interactive maps in many ways.

    geo mashup geo-mashup geo_mashup geomashup

  • Karma

    Karma is a Premium Wordpress Theme built on a highly intelligent framework. It’s the only theme on Themeforest to feature the amazing new CU3ER v1 3D slider. Whether your a wordpress pro or just a beginner, you’ll have absolutely no problems at all working with this theme.

    CU3ER Karma Sansation TrueThemes

  • amr-ical-events-list

    event calendar events events calendar freebusy ical ical feed ics ics calendar ics feed todo upcoming events web calendar wordpress-ics-importer

  • amr-users

    Membership authors comment counts csv export lists members post counts stats user users

  • Fields

    Fields offers a more user friendly custom fields editor for WordPress supporting many kind of input types such as Textfield, Drop box and Checkbox...

  • WPFolio

    WPFolio is a Wordpress Theme designed for artists portfolios.


  • Allan Cole Themes

    Neutica+ is quite simply a ‘suped-up’ version of the original Neutica themecreated over a year ago. Neutica+ is a much stronger theme both on the front-end and the back-end. 

    Boumatic Mixtape allan cole autofocus fthrwght neutica

  • WordPress and Ajax e-book

    An in-depth guide on using Ajax with WordPress


  • Static Random Posts

    Allows the display of random posts, but allows the admin to determine how often the random posts are refreshed.

    Features Dedicated Admin Panel for... Setting the refresh rate (minutes). Setting which categories to exclude. Individual Widget Options Can assign a title for each widget. Can assign a post limit for each widget. Admin Refresh Options on a Post

    If you are logged is as admin and are viewing a post, you will see a "Refresh" button beneath where the random posts are displayed. You can click this "Refresh" button and automatically refresh your random posts.

    If you use WP Super Cache, clicking "Refresh" also clears the cache so your users can see the new random posts immediately.

    The "Refresh" feature is useful for those who have long refresh times, but want to tweak the output a bit.

    static random posts

  • Pods CMS Framework Plugin

    WordPress Evolved.

    Pods is a CMS framework for WordPress. It's a plugin that sits on top of WordPress, allowing you to add and display your own content types.

    Relate content to other content.

    When creating a new content type, you can add relationship, or PICK, columns. This column will build a dropdown containing items from the related table, allowing you to select one or more. In other words, you can relate an item from one pod to items in another pod, or even relate to WordPress items (users, pages, posts).

    Show your new content with style.

    Pod Pages are similar to WP Pages, but they include PHP and wildcard URL support. For example, the Pod Page events/* will handle all URLs beginning with "events/", unless a more specific Pod Page is found. Templates are used within Pod Pages, and are meant for separating presentation from logic as much as possible. Magic tags are used within templates to dynamically pull in a column's value: [email protected]_name}

    It's all in the box.

    Package Manager - import & export pieces of your site Menu Editor - organize your pages to generate sitemaps, navigation menus, and breadcrumbs Roles - lightweight permissions system API - access and modify the data programatically


    pods pods cms framework pods plugin podscms