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Password protect entire wordpress site, apart from one page.


This is a follow on to this question... http://wpquestions.com/question/showLoggedIn/id/3794


I'm using Gravity Form User Registration add-on for a detailed data capture on profiles. But I am working on a wordpress site that is completely hidden from non members.

@Francisco suggested I use gravity forms for my detailed registration form, because all other advanced registration form plugins are failing me, due to profile custom fields.

So far the Gravity Form User Registration add-on seems to work great, with one problem... I can't add the GF registration form to my http://....../wp-login.php?action=register page.

How ever, Gravity Forms User Registration add-on has on option of redirecting from http://....../wp-login.php?action=register to any desired wordpress page

So I've created a page called User Registration and have placed the GF form on this page. I've then set it up so the http://....../wp-login.php?action=register link now redirects to the User Registration page.

But because I need my entire website to be only accessible by members, and hidden entirely from the public, I've been using the password protect plugin for wordpress. This works fine, but because my GF registration form now lives on a page within the site, when you click Register on the wp-login page, it redirects straight back to the wp-login page.


I deactivated the password protect plugin for wordpress, and installed the members access plugin.

I configured these settings... Plugin Settings and the Page Settings.

But when you click on the Register button, it gets into a infinite loop for some reason, and eventually times out, and displays a blank page. Don't understand this?

Also, the members access plugin doesn't support custom post types.


I need either...

A. For my Gravity User Registration form to live on my http://....../wp-login.php?action=register like the normal registration form, but with my extra fields etc.


B. A new password protection solution for my wordpress site that locks the entire site from non-members/public and redirects to the wp-login page, apart from my User Registration page.

If you need anymore info then please let me know.


Josh Cranwell | 01/26/12 at 3:27pm

This is an old version of this question!

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