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Affiliate Programs

Option I: The Fundraiser

One of our goals is to be good citizens of the open source communities that we belong to, and to us, being a good citizen means donating money to those communities. So we donate 5% of the prize money to developers each time a question pertaining to their theme/plugin is posted to WP Questions. The developer simply needs to register with us and provide a few keywords and an email address. Payments are sent once a month. This is a pure donation, the developers do not need to do anything for us.

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Option II: For Bloggers

Earn $1 every time you sign someone up who asks a $20 question.

If you wish to simply put a WP Questions ad on your site to earn affiliate revenue each time someone signs up via you and then asks a question, you can use one of the ads shown below. You will earn 5% of any prize money they spend on any questions.

WP Questions Affiliates     WP Questions Affiliates

If your username is 'johndoe' and you opted for the 125x125px ad, your affiliate code would look like:

<a href="http://www.wpquestions.com/affiliates/register/name/johndoe"><img src="http://www.wpquestions.com /images/ad-affiliate-125.png" alt="WP Questions"></a>

If you log in to your control panel and click "Affiliate Info", you will find a summary of the users you have signed up, the questions they've asked and the revenue you've earned.

Note: WP Questions retains the right to change our prices at any time. If a post is about multiple plugins, from multiple authors, the default assumption should be that WP Questions would keep 100% of the revenue from that question. We would be unable to split up the revenue into multiple shards, each going to a different plugin author.